Our goal is to create your new image: harmonious, winning, professional; which makes you feel good about yourself and among other people. We will study and analyze your physical characteristics in order to adopt the best techniques for enhancing your physical body and your image in general, emphasising your qualities and minimizing your weaknesses. Our work will start with a real Beauty Restyling, through which we will discover the tone and subtlety of your skin to better define your friends colors. In this why we will highlight characteristics such as your skin complexion, the color of your eyes and your smile. We will then analyze the shape of your face to find the right hairstyling and, possibly, the right way to wear a beard; the right eyeglasses and sunglasses. I will also tell you beauty secrets for skin care, hands and face. Now let’s move on to Body Restyling. You will love this phase and I’m sure you’ll have fun! Once analyzed your figure, I will teach you to use camouflage techniques to minimize the physical characteristics that you don’t like and emphasize those you appreciate the most. We will then see how the right colors and fabrics balance the proportions and lines of the body.

My styling lessons: let’s find your style!

According to your taste we will search for a style that’s perfect for you, whether you want to stand out or to show off a completely new look. The study of a strategic clothing in harmony with your personality, your lifestyle and your age will be fundamental: you can come up to every occasion and always feel at your ease. I’ll teach you how to use the right accessories like watches, hats and shoes, for a unique and personal style!

Last but not least: the reorganization of your closet

Dear closet, it’s your turn!! Let’s take a look at the garments you own: we evaluate their fit and consistency with what you have learned. Furthermore, we reorganize the wardrobe according to the different areas of interest (professional area, social area, free time); we create “capsule clothes” (few dresses that give life to numerous outfits, ideal also for your suitcase); we make complete outfits for the right look in every occasion; if necessary, we create a Shopping list. Hangers in hand, let’s go!