The Right Dress for Your Wedding

The Wedding Dress

Proposal of marriage received, wedding ring chosen and location booked…what about your wedding dress?

Sweetheart neckline, mermaid silhouette, princess dress… what a mess! Are you confused? Are you obsessed with notions received by TV programs or specialized magazines? Do you wander off various boutiques without taking home the right dress? Sometimes some friends or relatives give you advice, but their judgments seem to be unprofessional and far from your idea of ​​wedding dress.

It’s your big day and you just want to be beautiful wearing YOUR wedding dress! But how will you find the right one? The secret is to find the one that reflects your personality and the message you want to convey to your future husband and all those present.

Together we are going to find THE ONE, that moves you and make you feel really special! How? Analyzing your silhouette we will discover which wedding dress enhances you the most. Then we will take into consideration the shape of your face, choosing the most suitable necklines and hairstyles for you. Moreover, by means of a color analysis, we will understand which colors to use for the choice of accessories and make-up.

I will be with you during the search for the atelier that best reflects you; I will be there during the dress fittings and I’ll help you with the management of your suppliers (i.e. for example make-up artist and hairdresser).

Don’t forget the Etiquette!

I’ll teach you the posture and the rituals of the night before your big day!

I’ll take you by the hand and make you feel proud of your choice!

Moreover, I could also dedicate myself to the other protagonists like the mother and father of the bride (and / or of the bridegroom); the witnesses and bridesmaids if they should need my help.

… come on, clock’s ticking!


Here you are! After the proposal, it’s your turn!
If you believe that during the big day the focus will be only on the bride you’re wrong! It is the big day for both of you and you will have to live up to accompany your future wife who is going to come towards you in the church, as beautiful as ever.

What are you waiting for ?! Let’s choose your suit!

We will include tailored and prêt-à-porter suits, looking for the one that most satisfies your request; then we are going to pay attention to ties, bow ties, clutches, cufflinks and much more… the right accessories for your big day!

Moreover, we will customize your suit according to the shape of your body -finding the right proportions- and also to your complexion, through color analysis.

Don’t you worry: if even your witnesses and your parents should need my help I’m sure they will be in good hands!

And let’s make sure we don’t forget the etiquette…

Come on, it is going to be easy with me by your side!!