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Image Consultant is a well-rounded profession. However, it should not be confused with other professionals: make-up artist, hair stylist or stylist. All these professions may have services in common, but mine are different. The Image Consultant is mainly concerned with enhancing the appearance of her clients starting from an analysis and study.

This is just what I have been doing every day since 2018.

I began by taking care of the personal image of private clients; today I also work on enhancing the image of companies that want to be unique. Consulting for companies takes care of every detail concerning their image, helping them to remain imprinted in the minds of current and future clients.

You have a more interesting life if you wear impressive clothes

Vivienne Westwood

My services

Dress Identity

This service was created to help companies find and manage the image of their staff. Many business owners have a strong brand identity, but often neglect the appearance of their employees.

Dress Identity is essential to complete a company’s Brand Identity and create visual consistency among its elements.

Color analysis

And you, what season are you?

> Discover the Color analysis service

Body Shape

You will have no more doubts about what clothes to wear

> Discover Body shape service

Facial analysis

What accessory or haircut enhances you?

> Discover the Facial Analysis service


Let’s reorganize your closet together

> Discover the Wardrobe Makeover service

Personal Shopping

Let’s shop at the right stores for you

> Discover the Personal Shopping service

Men’s Image Consulting

A service dedicated exclusively to your new image

> Discover men’s image consulting

Do you have any doubts?

Tell me your story and I'll be happy to help you find the look for you


I am a young Sardinian entrepreneur who has managed to turn her dream into reality. I started my education in 2014 and then consolidated it and specialized in the field by becoming a member of AICI, International Association of Image Consultants.

Today my passion is my full-time job. In addition to being an image consultant, I am also an experienced trainer. Who better to help you achieve your goal than an expert in the field?

The tale of my clients!

What a great journey it was with Raimonda. She welcoming, never judgmental, able to give you good tools to improve your image. But not only that. The consultations become a path of awareness, it is like rediscovering yourself. The result turns into greater self-esteem and confidence, less indecision in the morning, in rediscovering color! And there is a reduction in both compulsive shopping and mixing styles that don't belong to us. It is a must have experience!
Ma Gi Pi
The experience with Raimonda was the beginning of a wonderful change. It was a discovery of emotions through colors, through image. I found a different me that I like much more.
Marisa Savarese
I was gifted a Armocromia consultation with Raimonda for my birthday, what can I say a sunny kind person who puts you at ease and helps you understand what is the best way to enhance yourself. Consigliatissima❤️
Erica Pau
It was a wonderful experience doing Color analysis with Raimonda. She is very patient and attentive, she cares to explain everything well and make you understand every detail. Her advice has been invaluable from that moment and I absolutely recommend her. See you soon Raimonda
Chiara Colonnelli
Raimonda is a guarantee. Beautiful and competent. Thank you!
Daniela Marras

Image consulting in Sassari, Olbia, Cagliari, Milan and Rome

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