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Is your company's Brand Identity consistent with the look of your employees and/or partner?

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Dress Identity

This service was created to help companies find and manage the image of employees and partners. More and more entrepreneurs are leading companies with a strong Brand Identity but this is not projected on the look of the staff.

When we talk about Brand Identity I am referring to all the visual and verbal elements that distinguish a company and make it unique: logo, colors, location, fonts, and the overall aesthetic. In fact, every company must be able to represent its values, mission and personality to create a recognizable and consistent image in the minds of customers. This all helps to generate a professional image and contributes to trust and credibility with stakeholders and customers.

Why Dress Identity?

This term encapsulates two significant words: dress and identity.

In everyday life, we choose a particular outfit because it reflects our identity and what we want to communicate to others. The same concept also applies within a work context. It is precisely co-workers and employees who communicate company values and identity through both verbal and nonverbal communication. That is why it is important to take care of all aspects related to the look of the staff. If they wear the same uniform as everyone else, how can you stand out?

Dress Identity service is the solution for any company. Today’s competition is increasingly fierce, so it is essential to know how to communicate one’s uniqueness and corporate values.

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Case studies

Since 2022, I have listened to and analyzed the needs of several major businesses in the regional landscape. Among the various businesses that have chosen me and whose look I have taken care of are: restaurants, bars, churrascharias, jewelry stores, and commercial promoters of large companies. Below you can find some examples.


Bar and Disco


Image consulting in Sassari, Olbia, Cagliari, Milan and Rome