Image Consulting for Women

Color analysis, Facial Analysis, Body Shape, Wardrobe Makeover and Personal Shopping

Ready for your new look?

Let’s start with your face: what is the best way to enhance it?

Through a real Beauty Restyling we will analyze important aspects: the shape of your face; the shape of your eyebrows to enhance your gaze; contouring suggestions; the style and hair colour the most suits you. Among the most important aspects is color analysis, through which I will teach you how to individualize your friends colors to best enhance your complexion and eye color. I will guide you in choosing jewelry, accessories, glasses and necklines to achieve the right harmony.

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Consulenza di immagine per la donna - Raimonda Lai

Have you ever thought that dressing the right way can completely change your physical figure?

I will teach you how to use camouflage techniques best suited to your silhouette to minimize or emphasize your physical features; we will see how to choose appropriate colors and fabrics to balance your body proportions and lines and enhance your color characteristics.

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Tell me how you dress and I will tell you who you are!

Your clothes tell me a lot about you, but they don’t always express what you really want. Together we will analyze and find your style, in line with your personality, lifestyle and age. Where you would like to stand out, we will create a unique and personal style that conveys a new winning image of you, whether in the business, sentimental or private sphere.

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Do you have any doubts?

Tell me your story and I'll be happy to help you find the look for you

Last but not least: reorganization of your Wardrobe

After learning what to wear and how, now it’s your closet’s turn!

We will take a look at the outfits you own, assess their fit and consistency with what you have learned. In addition, we will reorganize: the different areas of interest (professional area, social area, leisure time); we will create “capsule outfits” (a few outfits that give rise to numerous outfits), which are also ideal for our suitcase; we will make complete outfits for a winning look for any occasion; where necessary we will create a Shopping list.

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Hangers in hand, off we go!

Image consulting in Sassari, Olbia, Cagliari, Milan and Rome