Body Shape Analysis and Personal Style

Have you ever thought that sometimes we just cover our body rather than dress it?


We often find ourselves giving up on wearing outfits we like because, once we measure them, we realize that they do not fit our shape or are different from how we had imagined them on us. Thus, after countless inspections of stores in the city, we find ourselves giving up on the idea of finding the right outfit and, in a foul mood, return home.

Yet, all it would take is to know our body shape better and go in search of the garment with the most suitable cut for our silhouette! I know it all seems so difficult and impossible to you, but with my help you will be able to find the right outfit and enhance your body shape!

How Body Shape Analysis is Performed

We will begin by identifying your Body Shape to which you belong through specific measurements, i.e., we will study the horizontal figure of the trunk: we will study the proportions between the circumference of the chest, waist and hips which will give rise to a geometric figure (triangle, rectangle, hourglass, etc.); and the vertical figure of the trunk: the proportions between the length of the torso and legs (e.g., torso longer than legs and vice versa).

We will continue with the identification of physical characteristics and strengths to be emphasized, we will then identify any points to be minimized through specific camouflage techniques (such as the right prints, the right fabrics, the right shoes, and the right colors to create optical illusions).

Once we have all this valuable information, we will see together which garments to wear and which to avoid to best enhance your silhouette. In addition, at the end of the consultation I will send you an email containing a personalized chart on your body shape, how to enhance it and examples of garments to wear.

The benefits of body shape analysis

Through the analysis of your silhouette you will be able to:

  • Recognize your strengths to emphasize;
  • Minimize the features of your body that you don’t like to show;
  • Choosing the right fits and cuts of garments to wear;
  • skillfully use camouflage techniques to enhance your silhouette.

If only we knew our personal style!

How many times did you look at yourself in the mirror and not see the image you would like to convey?

Let me guess: You see your look as dull, boring and light years away from the idea you would like to give to all the people who come into contact with you. It’s as if your appearance is no longer in line with your profession or your leisure time.

I assure you that it takes very little to find what you have been looking for for far too long.

Tell me who you are and I will tell you how to dress! Your age, profession, taste and personality will be reflected by your new look.

How a Personal Style session is conducted

We will begin our journey by talking about the way you dress, the fabrics and colors you love to wear. We will go through different look proposals through reference images and get inspired by everything that will be consistent with your new image. It will be a real style talk; so that you can best guide me in finding and creating a look that perfectly fits your different spheres of interest and conveys the message you want to communicate with your image.

Personal style research helps you increase self-esteem, fostering your chances for success in both social relationships and at work.

Benefits of Personal Style session

Through Personal Style analysis you will have the ability to:

  • Create winning outfits that can be worn on a daily basis, giving you a well-groomed look in keeping with your new image;
  • You will have all the knowledge regarding your appearance so you can find your look in the following seasons as well;
  • You will receive outfit suggestions for the different occasions you request.

Remember: we all have a style of belonging, sometimes it is hidden and just needs to be surfaced, other times it just needs to be defined.

Let me guide you and you will see that, with my advice, Shopping will be a pleasure again!

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