Image consulting for men in Sardinia

Color analysis, Facial Analysis, Body Shape, Style Lesson, Wardrobe Rearrangement and Personal Shopping

Behind a great man there is always an Image Consultant!

Our goal is to recreate a new image of you: harmonious, successful, professional and making you feel good about yourself and others.

Our journey will begin with a real Beauty Restyling through which, through color analysis, we will discover your skin tone and undertone to best understand your friendly colors. Thus we will bring out features such as your skin complexion, your eye color and your smile. We will then analyze your face shape to find the right hairstyling and, possibly, the right way to wear a beard; the right eyeglasses and sunglasses. I will also reveal beauty secrets for skin, hand and facial care.

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Armocromia uomo - Raimonda Lai

Have you ever thought that dressing the right way can completely change your physical figure?

Now let’s move on to Body Restyling. You will love this phase and enjoy it, I am sure! Having analyzed your figure, I will teach you how to use camouflage techniques to minimize the physical features you don’t like and emphasize, instead, those you most appreciate. We will then see how the right colors and fabrics balance your body proportions and lines.

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In Styling class: let’s find your style!​

Based on your tastes and role models we will search for of the style that suits you, whether you want to stand out or flaunt a completely new style. Fundamental will be the study of strategic clothing in line with your personality, lifestyle and age: you will be able to feel worthy of every occasion and, above all, comfortable at all times. I will teach you how to use the right accessory such as a watch, a hat, and the right shoes for a unique and personal style!

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Do you have any doubts?

Tell me your story and I'll be happy to help you find the look for you

And now, let’s get the job done to work! Let’s get your wardrobe in order!

Our work together is almost done. We have dwelt on the key points of the consultation, and now let’s see if what you own in your closet is in line with what we have seen together.

We will assess whether the garments purchased enhance you and fit your lifestyle; we will reorganize the different areas of interest (professional area, social area, leisure time); we will create real “capsule outfits.” a few outfits that give life to numerous outfits; we will create complete outfits for a winning look for every occasion; we will see how to organize outfits inside your suitcase, preventing it from being ready to explode from the numerous items you have put inside and will never use on your trip; we will draw up a Shopping list for cult and timeless items of men’s wardrobe.

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Hangers in hand, off we go!

Image consulting in Sassari, Olbia, Cagliari, Milan and Rome