Personal Shopping in Sardinia

What could be nicer than Shopping?


Sometimes going in search of the right garments is really difficult because we are undecided about what to buy and we don’t know how much these can really enhance us. Other times we never have time to do a real search and find what we are looking for.

Shopping, in some cases, is a source of stress, insecurity and boredom but let me tell you a secret: with me it will be different and you’ll have fun around the stores!

Don’t panic, I will help you find the right stores and clothes for your look!

Personal Shopping for special occasions

Tell me what the event is and I will accompany you in your search for the dress that’s right for you!

Ceremonies, gala dinners, business dinners, corporate meetings, job interviews and more. Together we will find what you are looking for while enhancing your image to the fullest.

After a brief analysis of your fitness and membership style we will decide where, how and when to go Shopping together. Fear not, with my help everything will be easier.

Following Itten’s insights there have indeed been so many who have been involved in Color analysis that the method has grown from 4 seasons, to 16 or more subgroups per season.

Personal Shopping for the new wardrobe

The Personal Shopping service is the final stage of our image consulting. In fact, after analyzing your body shape, personal style, making a shopping list and properly reorganizing your wardrobe, we are ready to go Shopping!

After detailed research in line with what emerged from the image consultation and your available budget, we will go around to the stores I selected and have fun Shopping together. You will be in my hands for half a day!

The benefits of Personal Shopping session

Having me by your side during your shopping will help you:

  • saving time;
  • Finding what’s right for you;
  • Match everything we buy.

In addition, new outfits will reflect you and keep up with fashion.

All you have to do is enjoy the moment, let me guide you and measure all the new outfits I will choose for you!

Image consulting in Sassari, Olbia, Cagliari, Milan and Rome